Healthy Pregnancy and Baby Weight: Gain Only What You Need

Watch as Parents Magazine shows you how to gain only what you need in baby weight!

Pregnancy weight gain is natural and necessary for your baby’s development. These three tips will helps you gain just the right amount of baby weight throughout your nine months.

If you’re at a normal weight for your height before conception, you should gain between 25 and 35 pounds.
Underweight women should gain between 28 and 40 pounds, while overweight women will gain between 15 and 25.

Be sure to weigh yourself at the same time each week. In your first trimester, a healthy pregnancy will result in gaining between one and four pounds. In the second trimester, you will gain that same amount in each individual month.

If you seem to have a high pregnancy weight gain, try eating smaller portions and cutting back on fatty or sugary foods. Walk more and eat more often at home.

If you haven’t gained enough baby weight, add in more healthy oils, nuts, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy foods. Knowing what to eat during pregnancy can help you gain just the right amount of weight!


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